Minimal Tab

Only what you need.

The bare minimum new tab - well, almost. Bare minimum would be nothing, but nothing looks bad. So I put a picture there instead. No text, no links, just a picture.

In all reality, I just got tired of looking at a search bar I would never use. Why get another clock when I have one in my taskbar? I didn't buy it. Instead, I decided to go with something else. Something that didn't ask me to use it. Something that looked nice while still staying out of the way. And here we are.

With images sourced from a curated collection at Unsplash, and animations sourced from the community, it has a clean and simple look. When we say no text, we mean it. There's nothing on the page but your image.

But I get it, you want to make it your own. Well that's easy, just right click. Up pops a menu with options to get a new image, lock the current image in place, or change the animation mode.

I hope you like using this as much as I enjoyed creating it. Minimal Tab is available for Chrome here, and the source can be viewed on GitHub.